Blades of Chaos Exposed!

Do you have difficulty wrapping your head around all of those names for the blades of Chaos that you roll up face first? afraid you might as well just say “Nah,” and never think again about putting yourself into the medieval fantasy setting of ” Blades of Chaos.” My friends and I had a similar problem butted up against the sheer cunning and neologisms of the myriad of gamers whoomphed blades. So we decided to put together a simple little compendium of “What You Need to Know,” by which we meant Basically, here are ten things you need to know to wind up a potential candidate for Gaming Domination.

1. Don’t be wicky. The Barbarian is primarily a blade striker. Your blade is its main weapon, but you don’t swing it all the time. Your focus should be on unrelenting hand-to-hand combat. When fighting, your first priority is going to be to whack the enemy so that their blood shoots out of their veins and they finally quit fighting. If you wait to finish them off, they will hit you first.

2.Eye Addicies. There are many Eye Addict variants, but in the end, you’re supposed to use a spell or attack that you cast and then aim it right at the enemy. When you do, the spell goes into overdrive and the enemy is susceptible to massive amounts of damage right away.

3. The Dragontroll War. When two people play on the same map, one person keeps the enemy targeted, and the other person swings in and away with a combination of either a weapon they are proficient with or one they think is special and will deal damage.

4. Expansive Warfare. You target a region, and you expand it until eventually, you have all the enemies in that region. Each enemy shrinks the closer they are to you, but if you keep attacking them, they’ll eventually exhausting their supply of attacks against you and blowing up like dust in a cone when they get as close as possible to your character.

5. Psionics. Psionics is real broad-based healing. You can boost the powers of anyone you command. Useful for backing a wounded ally. Stay tuned for any of their special abilities. command an enemy captain and he/she may use his special attack to heal your character.

6. Resurgence. When you’re outnumbered, you can do what your predecessors always did: use Resurgence. Sometimes, especially after you’ve taken a step back, the enemy will retreat. However, should you let them get away, they’ll start attacking more and your chances of vanquishing them will be diminished.

7. Fearless Roar. Your charge damage is now going to be determined on whether or not they can keep up with you. Now, it’s possible for a charge to fail, but for the most part, you’ll have the upper hand.

8. Drones. Yep. These days, every time you pick up a drone, you should probably set it alight and use it as firewood right away. During the warps that you need to jump, you’ll find that you can use the drop pods to pick off groups of enemies.

9. SupCom Special Forces. There are a lot of paths to take when playing Elite, so it’s good to know some of the paths you’re supposed to take. Take into consideration that if you pick up a bunch of power-ups, you may have trouble fitting them all in the same slot. What’s best for you is to assign each special power to a button. To use it, just either tap or click on the special power, then make sure to use the proper button to fire it.

10. The proper weapons. There are ten different weapons available in CoD4, much like the previous game. Each one is more suited for somebody in the special forces. The M4A1, for example, is best suited for the British Army. The Aim7, crafting a weapon, is perfect for the Russian Army or Indian Army. Theropod, traditionally used by the hunter, is now compatible as a killstreak reward.

11. Allow your fingers to get dirty. You’re all about dexterity, right? And sometimes, when the going is hardest, the most accurate way to kill somebody is on unforgiving ground. You’ve got to practice like everybody else. Get some finger dexterity.

12. Grenades. everybody loves grenades! This should be high on the list of priorities. Don’t destroy walls – I promise there are worse things to do. But make sure you have at least one category of grenades in your arsenal. It should be the smoke grenades, the countdown grenades, and the flashbang grenades.